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Community Bible Chapel

Hurricane Harvey

Dear Community Bible Chapel members,

Many of you have asked how we can help those affected by Hurricane Harvey, We will be working with a local EFCA church. Their goal is to help with clean up. This will be a long time process and many opportunities to help and be involved.

Joel Mc Daniel is our contact person for our efforts to assist those affected by Hurricane Harvey. 



We are going back to the coast to help with the relief effort from Hurricane Harvey.

We will be going down again in November.

If you would like to come help us serve, please 1) let Pastor Kelly or Joel Mc Daniel know that you would like to go, and 2) Please print out and sign the liability release and photo release forms for ReachGlobal attached to this message. Note: There are two versions of the liability form, one for adults and one for minors. You only need to fill out one. You do NOT need them notarized as they say. We are looking forward to seeing what God will do through our service.

Liability form


If you are interested in becoming a Volunteer, please fill out this form: 

Hurricane Relief Volunteer Signup

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Supplies They DO need:

Gut’n Supplies for Work Site

Make sure you bring lots of drinking water for your work day

Gloves (rubber & work)
N-95 Respirators (masks)
Rubber boots
Safety goggles
First Aid kit
Utility knives for notching drywall & cutting carpet
Duct tape to keep fridge & freezer shut
Hand Wipes
Paper towels
Large black garbage bags
Hand wipes
Hand sanitizers
Shop towels
Channel locks
Tin Snips
Screw drivers

Rubber Boots
Hard hats
Long handle tile scraper
Shovels (flat are best)
Hammers (regular & sledge) 
Pry bars (small & large)
Screw drivers (flat & Philips) 
Regular brooms & push broom
Hoes for scraping up vinyl & linoleum
Wheel barrows
Moving dolly for appliances & large furniture

You don’t need to purchase a whole kit, you can get several of a few items or several items. If you do end up putting together a kit, put whatever fits in a plastic bid with a lid (those black ones with yellow lids work great).